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About us

Intellisense Technology Limited is Media Production Company that provides innovative and highly effective animation solutions to marketing needs of our clients all over the world. Delivery of the finest solutions has drawn attention of some of the well known and acclaimed National and International Companies. We analyze, implement and deliver the same according to the need of the clients so that they can achieve maximum benefit from our services. Our vast experience and work in this field has helped us in understanding deeper and finer aspects that leave an everlasting impression on our Clients.

At Intellisense Technology. we have Highly Professional and enthusiastic Technical Team, which has been trained and skilled at the very top level. We put special focus on the balance between artistic side and the technical aspects of the solutions that we provide. We are well equipped with most up to date Tools to accomplish most complex 3D animations with ease and within the shortest time frame.

6d animation is one of the solutions and services that we implement and Specialize in. 6d Animation Technology is the future of ever-growing world of animation. This technology has been developed keeping in mind the need of clients and emergence of new technology. Perfect placement of animation, virtual realities in simulation scenarios, character animation, complex 3D animations are some of many services we offer at satisfactory rate to our clients. With right mix of advance modeling, architecture, realistic textures, super fine lighting effects and high end rendering, 6d animation can breathe life into your projects. Using this advanced Technology, Intellisense Technology team delivers projects and results that will leave magical effect on your audience.

Other animation solution that Provide –

• 3D modeling
• 3D Character Animation
• Architectural Designs
• Engineering Simulations
• High End rendering
• 3D animation movies
• Logo animation
• Special effects
• Short movie production
• High Quality Presentations and Videos
• Custom 3D walkthroughs


About CEO

Harjit  Singh  Gambhir  C.E.O  of  INTELLISENSE  TECHNOLOGY  has been  running  this  I.T company  successfully  for  the  last  two years. After  completing  his  law, he  entered  the  world  of  business  ten years  ago  as  the  C.E.O  of  NEHA  PACKGINGS,  complete  devotion   to his   works  ,overcoming  hardships  and  obstacles  with  his abilities  and  introducing  new  technologies  has  brought  their  company  to  a new  height . His  interest  in  computers and  information  technology   diverted  his  interest  in  completely  different line  from  corrugation and printing. At  first  he  started  with websites  and  then  he  entered  into  software  and product development. With  his  ideas and  hardwork  I.T  has  expanded  his  business  to  over  25  countries.I.T  has  mainly  overseas  clients  and  in  his  shadow  I.T has  grown  vast   in the  last  two years  .Now  he  has decided  to enter  into  the   education   field  by  introducing  INDUSTRIAL  PROFESSIONAL  TRAINING .